Confessions Of A Bride To Be

Back in 2013 I had received a message on my phone saying “Congratulations! You have been registered on”
In the next two minutes I received another message from a friend asking me if I had got any message from a matrimonial site? ” Sam, have you received a message from I put up your profile. Let’s see what kind of proposals you get.” ( Please don’t mind, my friends are crazy)
Obviously we got it down instantly since it was one of the crazy things we did as a group but the whole point behind this stupid thing done by my friends was to speed up the process of “Sam’s Shaadi” which was one of the most highly anticipated events since college days.

It is 2015 and I am only a month away from my wedding and no points for guessing, my friends are the most excited souls on earth right now. Amidst all the excitement and chaos rests the bride-to-be enjoying her last few days as the carefree, lazy, bossy, assertive and dogmatic spirit she has always been. It is all about to CHANGE and it does seem a little exasperating. So I’ve got confessions to make. Confessions that are natural; Confessions that are necessary. Confessions of a bride-to-be.


The joy of being forever with an amazing partner coupled with the pain of bidding farewell to an equally amazing family is confusing. There’s a whirlpool of emotions running in your mind right before the wedding that just leave you blank!


I just wanna sit back and relax. I just wanna enjoy and celebrate myself. I love how I am being pampered and not forced to lay the table for dinner coz let’s just face it, I am the bride- to be and I must not work . Yayyy!!! This sure does make me feel like a Queen. The endless shopping sessions and getting to pick whatever I like in the mall for my bridal trousseau is the highlight of my beautiful wedding journey.


I am nervous. I hope the events and ceremonies turn out exactly how I want them to be.  I am nervous because I am not sure how life is going to turn out for me post those events and ceremonies. I am nervous because I know my hair is still not going to behave after the wedding. Ughh!!! Girl Problems!


The medley of emotions playing in my mind is driving me insane and I am constantly looking for peace of mind. Basically, I can’t do without my sister. Can I take her along with me? She is my go-to person and my biggest stress buster. I need to see her and hug her everyday. I need to play with her every night before I sleep and adore her as soon as I wake up.


I have no regrets. I am super happy for obvious reasons and I am looking forward to a positive future with la homme. You know what Cinderella says? ” If you keep on believing the dream that you wish will soon come true.”

Yes, I am all set.
Thank you Sufia, Suroor, Maha, Anam, Maliha and Juveria for the best bridal shower ever. You guys are the best thing that has ever happened to me.


Forever and ever,
Samreen Ahmed


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