New Girl On The Block

The journey since 23rd April 2015 has been nothing short of amazing. I got married to Zohair who is a blessing in disguise. Our wedding day was magical and we have some beautiful memories from that day to cherish for the rest of our lives. Everyday is a new experience and there is something new to learn from everybody around. Three and a half months down from the most beautiful day and I can already feel a transformation in myself. The good one.

We were told that the first year of marriage would be a tough one with sacrifices to make, personal habits that might change and adjustments that might leave you unhappy. From Day 1, both of us have treated each other with immense love and I personally do things for him willingly with a positive mindset which is why nothing seems depressing, nothing seems difficult. Β Don’t you think it would have been next to impossible for a socially active person like me with hundreds of friends and relatives back in Hyderabad to shift to Jeddah and settle down with practically no one to hang out with? It actually is, right? But to be honest, I don’t mind. I am loving the new phase of life which is unique in its own sweet way. A disciplined day schedule and a crazy night life with a perfect man like Zoey has made me believe in marriage as a strong union for a successful and content life. It’s been two months since I have joined Zoey in Jeddah and I am still exploring the city. We love going on dates and trying out new places, our favourite one being Margherita. The authentic Italian food they serve leaves us craving for more. I could list umpteen number of places we have tried but that is coming up in the following blog posts. Touchwood! Everything is functioning very well, but there is a set of people who pull us down saying in the next few years you will get bored and it will all seem like a burden. Only if that loser category of people would understand that everything depends on how you treat your relationship to be. Try working things out and never let the spark die down and if all else fails, just pray and embrace a tiny amount of positivity for starters. Being spiritual helps big time. Good luck with that!
Moving on, there is something I would love to share. After I got married it was not only me who underwent a transformation. My child of labour, my blog got a whole new look. Shifting to a new place brought new opportunities and gave a new angle to my blog. Now it is Love.Hope.Dream Redefined, literally.
Hola New relationship.New country.New chances. New ideas. Bring it on!
Forever and ever,
Samreen Ahmed

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