Fries before Guys. With Extra Ketchup!

February has become synonymous with Valentines Day. Very clichéd, right? I know. The ” Oh So In Love” couples very enthusiastically gear up for the day like they are an incarnation of Adam and Eve, which otherwise they are no less than Hitler and Churchill in daily life  (yeah, they fought World War II). However there are 7% of  young,free and gorgeous women in India who still have a  reason to celebrate if they don’t have a guy buying them a heart shaped balloon off the street on 14th of February every year. Yes, it is offensive to term them single.
They are “young,free and gorgeous” and that is reason enough to celebrate. This post is about how young,free and gorgeous women can spend the so-called day of love without feeling like an outcast while the Romeos and their sweet Juliets are romancing away to glory.
Firstly, the best way to celebrate the day of love is to send love to someone else. Start an epidemic of kindness and tell your Snapchat buddies how much you love them.
The next thing you can do is to fall in love with something new. Pick up an engaging activity like learning how to cook biryani or maybe how to fix a bulb which you never had the opportunity to do due to work and other commitments.
Pull up a prank on someone around you. Fill a paper bag with flour and ask them to pop it.  No, you are not mean. You are just having fun. Else you can set your ringtone as a group of people yelling and have someone call you. Check out the reaction of people around you. Hilarious!
Lastly if nothing else works, just order a pizza, watch Friends Season 3 Episode 2 and drink lots and lots of pepsi. Oh you can eat fries too. C’est la vie!

Ladies,you are young,free and gorgeous so have a nice day and go to sleep with that awesome carefree feeling in you of not having a chance to be cheated on by someone. Cheers!

Forever and ever.
Samreen Ahmed


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