Don’t Put That Alarm Off

“If you have the courage to begin then you have the courage to succeed. And if at all you want to give up then remember why you started in the first place.” True words spoken by someone anonymous and I couldn’t agree more. I strongly believe that a person’s life should be brimming with passion for success because that is what keeps you going and growing. You were nobody when you entered this world but why not simply aim to be someone before you leave this world. Hey, don’t get me wrong for I am not anticipating your departure from the face of earth. This is just a small serving of  ‘food for thought’ to refuel your tanks and get you started.
At this point the monstrous laziness that innately exists in our bodies attacks your mind with all kinds of excuses to defer your plans that will compel you to take them as gospel because honestly you are totally consumed by negativity since forever. No wonder your alarm clock has such a bad reputation.Therefore, Comrades of Sloth it’s high time you stop dreaming of scoring a goal à la Muller without even making an attempt to pull your socks up. I wish you good luck in all your endeavours (the first one being the ability to refrain yourself from putting the alarm at snooze). Always remember it is all about you, your life, your happiness.
Forever and ever,
Samreen Ahmed

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