Dior Eyes

I was strolling in the mall a few days back and landed in the Beauty section. Makeup counters are no less than heaven I tell you. Eventually my eyes fell on something magical. The wand tube of Dior Addict IT- Line [ IT Black] was as attractive as Kate Upton in an LBD and I couldn’t help but pick up a tester from the rack to try it. As quick as a wink I was at the cash counter paying for my latest catch of the season.
And here I am with my review on it.

Appearance: I lust it! It’s very chic and elegant.

The Good:

1- The jet black glossy colour can instantly glam up your eyes.

2-  The fine brush allows you to make precise lines.

3- You’ll be pretty content with the quantity offered by the house of Dior.

4- It provides you a long lasting look.

The Bad:

1- Sadly, this is not water-proof. ( It is highly not recommended for cry babies)

2- It takes time to dry. ( Quick Tip: Wear your mascara in the mean time)


Rating :
3/ 5 stars.

Approx 180 SAR.

2.5 ML

Forever and ever,
Samreen Ahmed

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