Flat 50% OFF

If the Title has attracted you to open the link and read my post then chances are that you are mostly a woman. Not a single woman on the face of earth can resist the “50% OFF” advertisement because there is an ineluctable part of Rebecca Bloomwood ( my inspiration) hidden in every female soul who is love struck with possibly everything that is displayed on the rack. Sadly, I have no items on Sale but I have succeeded in catching hold of your interest which is my sole aim for the day.
There is a special affinity that a woman has with sale shopping and I am sane enough to compare this eternal love with that of a garden and its red rose. I am not sure what exactly attracts a woman while sale shopping. It could be the joy of saving money and simultaneously being the proud owner of what you desire to possess or simply it could be the undying want to fill our carts.However, a true blue shopaholic cares little about the sale in the mall because for some, shopping is an enriching experience all year round but for a major chunk of the society FLAT 50% OFF means the world. So as to say we are residents of a civilised society but there is a change of scene when the holy season starts and all hell breaks loose. Noisy and fat aunties who push us with every possible body part of theirs and eye on stuff that we have picked for ourselves spoil the fun though.
From pretty clothes to dainty footwear; from glittering accessories to trendy electronics; from handy household appliances to pleasurable entertainment products we want it on sale, we want it all. Although it is a hidden truth that items on sale could either be damaged or are out of fashion but the 50% OFF tag pinned on it makes it brand new and just as desirable as a double chocolate doughnut. Yum!


P.S- Rebecca Bloomwood is an inspiration because she writes,earns and shops like there’s no tomorrow.

Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed


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