I Am My Own Superstar

We were always told that nobody is perfect but we always judge people. I myself am entirely made of flaws stitched together with good intentions but I am judged too. I may not be where I want to be but I am definitely getting there. What I do for my own happiness might not make others happy but I still do it. “Truth is, no one can do what I do” coz you know, no two snowflakes are the same.

I have always believed in individuality. Being compared to another cousin of mine or the topper in my class has always annoyed me, maybe because I am too full of myself or maybe I am simply egoistic. “Truth is, no one can do what I do.”
I cannot be an amazing person to you but I can surely bring light in darkness. I will teach you to be positive because that is how most of the battles are won. I cannot do it as amazingly as Oprah does but I will do it in my own sweet effective way. “Truth is, no one can do what I do.”
The things I do or the words I speak sometimes are misunderstood by others but that does not discourage me. When hate is not enough people lie. There will come a time when my flaws shall be overshadowed by a high degree of benevolence and awesomeness and people will have no other option but to clap when I win. For this I might have to take the road less traveled BUT I will continue walking. I will do what I want to do and allow me to repeat myself- “Truth is, no one can do what I do.”
What can I do? I can remain as loyal and dedicated as a lion even if you hurt me but once ferocious I cannot be tamed. I can love, love endlessly without hoping to receive the same gift. When I see things taking a U- turn I alter my ways and try and manage to leave a footprint there. I can raise a voice and make an impact when needed but can mute myself when I know my expression can cause more damage. I Love; I Hope; I Dream.
 People will judge. People will talk. Keep doing your thing. You are unique!
Forever and ever,
Samreen Ahmed

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