Jeans vs Salwar

We are fashionable. We are stylish. We are modern.
People are branded as modern or conservative depending on the clothes they wear. This phenomenon has led to the discovery of the new disgusting mantra of the narrow minded – ”You are what you wear”.Β 
Yes, narrow minded. Those who categorize others based on their attire and not their personality are preposterously narrow minded. Unfortunately there is still a breed existing in our society who term themselves as the ‘fashion police’ and put down Desi ladies because of their Indian-ness in their choice of clothing. The rancorous Jeans Army that inflicts severe attacks on the Salwar Brigade has unreasonably defamed the comfortable ensemble. I, too, am very particular about being impeccably dressed wherever I go but I don’t think being modern or being conservative should be made a big deal. Every individual must be respected for who they are, what they do and how they live.

Modernism, which actually is a comprehensive term is narrowed down to only clothes in the present age. Sad! Who would have imagined that a mere source of protection for your skin can harm your social image to such an extent? If you don’t agree so then nothing could be more amazing than that. But what do our counterparts from the West have to say about that? Where did the term ‘Behenji’ originate from and why?
God save this judgemental world!

Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed


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