Of Indian Origin

I belong to a country that is synonymous with Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan. A country that is stereo-typed as poor and often associated with slums and poverty. I belong to a country that is synonymous with the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort. A country that is stereo-typed as the Land of the Snake Charmers.
I belong to India.Β 

The hotspot of cultural diversity and a Β fast growing economy is often looked down upon by the West because of the unbelievable habits practiced by the citizens of India in and outside the country that only bring shame to our land which otherwise has the potential to become a mighty superpower. It is depressing to acknowledge the fact that the sad picture of India is painted by Indians themselves. The country is growing but the image in the eyes of the people of the world remains the same. We are a lot termed as the “uncivilised” class. Peeing on the roads, spitting out disgusting stuff from the mouth wherever possible, littering one’s own home land, indulging in sinful criminal activities and many other such dirty Indian habits make us infamous around the world and only let us down in global standards. What upsets me the most is the stubborn attitude of my fellow citizens who refuse to change their filthy habits which are extremely detrimental to the state and image of the country. I am not being too patriotic here but I am only trying to raise a voice that I hope will reach out to the target audience because all I know is that we deserve to live like a boss and we should join hands in a good cause. We are of Indian origin and let us have all the positive reasons to be proud of.
Watch your actions Bhaiyo aur Behno!Forever and ever,
Samreen Ahmed



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