Shut Up!

I am so happy to announce that we have very special guests belonging to an esteemed school of thought on the blog today to share some really useful notions on life in general. They basically preach only one lesson- SHUT UP!
Here’s introducing The Three Wise Monkeys.Β 


There’s a reason why they are called wise. See No Evil- Speak No Evil- Hear No Evil is the wisest thing one can do.

We welcome our first guest Mizaru.
We all have been there and made to look like Mizaru in childhood by our elders because “apparently” intimate bedroom scenes were as bad as evil. As we grew up we failed to realise that seeing no evil will actually result in doing no evil.
Mizaru says Shut up! Shut your eyes to the foul and mephistophelian. Ignore the nefariousness of the modern times. Your eyes can do a better job of seeing the sultry Negin Mirsalehi playing in the waters of Dubai than watching crime. SHUT UP in the name of religion; of humanity; of sanity.

Meet Lwazaru. He says speak no evil. Hate Speeches are so uncool, so are ignoble abusive expressions. Speaking evil to an extent of cursing the internet guy for slow internet connections is justifiable but we must learn to seal our lips at the right moment and not misuse freedom of speech. Freedom of speech comes with a great deal of responsibility e lo ordinamento. Either speak good or shut up. SHUT UP in the name of religion; of humanity; of sanity.

Kikazaru aka Kiku is my personal favourite. He propagates hearing no evil. His simple lesson encompasses all versions of evil including words that hurt or discourage you,ignite you to take up immoral expeditions and diktats of the irrelevant clan. The less evil you’ll here the less you’ll pollute your mind. Hence, SHUT UP in the name of religion; of humanity; of sanity.
The recent attacks in Paris ,Lahore and Beirut have disturbed me so much. I wish I could reach out to each and every soul on Earth asking them to mind their own business and live peacefully. ”Jeene ke hai chaar din, baaki hai bekaar din.” Have a good life until you can and if you ever feel the need to kill someone then kill them with kindness.Β 
Forever and ever,
Samreen Ahmed






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