The Dog Ate My Homework

Sixteen years ago when I was a tiny student studying in the Kindergarten section at Nasr School I remember quite clearly that my teachers and school authorities were merciful and caring, a quality that is almost extinct among the educational institutions of the existing age. The competition-driven world today is heartless and cruel. Innocent,little kids are loaded with the burden of excess education by their teachers and parents because the so-called “experienced” lot reasons in the most amusing fashion. Their concept of Β “Young brains grasp faster hence exploit this skill” is ruining the happy childhood of billions of kids around the world.
Remember those days when we would spend hours in the colony park playing cute games all evening with our neighbours? Also do you remember those days when the level of education increased as and when our brain was ready to comprehend the concepts and studies were light and easy? The current generation deserves equal happiness and peace of mind. Stressing them out with heavy school bags and even heavier amount of homework is so uncool. While some schools have gone digital and have reduced the weight of school bags, the level of education has never reduced in the recent times. The situation is getting worse and I guess the classic excuse -‘The dog ate my homework’ will soon be used literally by all the kids who are fed up with the constant atrocities and the unsparing attitude of their callous teachers. My little cousin studying in Upper Kindergarten was asked to write an essay on Environment. Another kid in my family studying in the First Grade was heard complaining to my sister that they are being taught the multiplication table of 15 in school. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
When I think of school I remember it fondly but unfortunately students today dread going to school. This scenario must change and the lovely phase of school must not lose its charm. Somebody please give a wake up call to the teachers and parents of these minors.

Dearest Parents, It is really not important if your second cousin’s daughter is scoring more than your Princess. Please don’t burden your angel and become the cause of the loss of her individuality.

Dearest School Authorities, Please have a heart!

Forever and ever,
Samreen Ahmed



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