What Are Your Three Hobbies?

My friend Rebaica would always tell me, ” Never do anything for free if you are good at it.” It sure does make sense because if your talent is being exploited you deserve to be rewarded in return of your services. People who know you take undue advantage of the fact that they can get the work done in the name of a “favour” and you are the one slogging for no reason. Find a hobby you love and turn it into a profession or a part time profession at least and make money out of it. Food caterers, Photographers, Writers, Makeup artists, Film Makers and Artists for example are doing it right.

Those who have turned their hobbies into a profession are the happiest kind of people. You do what you love and you are paid to do what you love. How awesome is that?
Find a hobby you love that will keep you in shape. It is a well known fact that staying healthy is the key to a good life so pick up a hobby that will help you burn those extra calories while you are enjoying your favourite past time. Exercising can sometimes become boring so choosing an activity you love like dancing, gardening, yoga, swimming and other sports like tennis, cricket and football is a smart way to stay in shape and look good.
By the way, Sleeping does not count as a hobby here. *chuckles*
Someone very rightly said, “The creative adult is the child who survived.” It is never too late to pursue a hobby you were once really fond of.  Cooking or baking, blogging, photography, designing of all sorts, painting and crafting are some really good ideas to be the creative you. This will act more as a stress buster for your exhausted mind.
Most importantly, when you start pursuing your hobbies you will be motivated by the desire to achieve and lessen the desire to beat others. You can escape into a world where no one judges you and that is bliss. Only three hobbies that can change your life and you are good to go.
Forever and ever,
Samreen Ahmed

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