What’s In A Bag?

Women carry the world in their bags and it is quite surprising to see how almost everything in the bedroom is able to fit in a 36 x 26 x 12 cms bag before we leave the house. A ladies bag is nothing but ‘Home away from home’ and when I say ‘Home away from home’ I literally mean that.
Grocery bills, ATM receipts, shopping bills, restaurant bills, pens, tissues, hair ties, safety pins, random chits of papers in hand writings that you don’t even recognise and God knows what all lies in one Alladin’s magic lamp sort of a handbag. However, there a few things that we all must carry in our bags without fail. These are things you need on the go.ย 
Whats’ in a bag?

1- Pocket Perfumes
One cannot imagine carrying the beautiful glass bottle of J’ adore wherever you go so pocket perfumes are the best option. They practically fit anywhere and come handy at the most unexpected time (mostly when you’ve spent a long day outdoors and your friends suddenly call you over for coffee).

2- Candies
Yeah, you are bored waiting outside the RTA office for your driving license or maybe stuck at an office waiting to meet someone, this is when you can unwrap a candy and beat the boredom blues. Always carry a handful of your favourite chocolates that you can munch away while the atrocious put you on the back burner and bide your time.

3- Portable charger
It’s true we all leave home with only 20% battery in our phones. Story of our lives? Yeah!
It is safe to say that “Portable charger is the new oxygen” so it is a must to have one in your bag. Imagine you are on the verge of booking the top row movie tickets that are otherwise difficult to obtain and Bam! your phone blacks out. You wouldn’t want that to happen right?


4- Identification
This one’s for all the impromptu A+ย movie plans. The other day I was a part of a sudden plan to watch Mardaani and I wasn’t allowed in the theatre because I failed to produce my ID. This is when I realised that carrying your ID in any form for this and all other purposes in general is a sine qua non of life.

5- Lipstick
Ahh! What’s a ladies bag without a lipstick?

ย Yves_Saint_Laurent_Rouge_Pur_Couture_Lipstick_6ml_1374763219

With these essentials in your bag and a smile on your face you are good to go. Have a nice day and make history!

Forever and ever,
Samreen Ahmed


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