What’s On Your Mind

Social media addicts seem to be influenced hugely by the status update appeal asking you ‘What’s on your mind?’ every time you log into Facebook for a session of “social analysis”. Since 2004 Facebook has redefined the use of social media. What was initially started for the purpose of connecting people has now become a personal journal of its users. Hook-up updates to Break-up updates, exciting travel updates to bored selfies, food pictures to check-ins and everything else that is currently happening in your happy/not so happy life.

All in all the social media nowadays be it Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter has become a medium for freedom of speech and expression. The extreme ones land into problems with the cops while the irritating bimbos (who literally share everything that is on their mind) create problems for their friends. Honestly guys,thanks to our senses gifted by the Almighty we know when it is raining and how awesome the weather turns before that light drizzle. Oversharing can sometimes become exasperating.

Facebook has also become a platform to open up with people you may know..something like an Ice-Breaker. Randomly adding people as friends with the intention of being “just friends” is a smart move followed by many. Once your crush is on your friends list then everyday is a celebration. Over-sharing now becomes a treat.

What we need to realise is that The Facebook Infection is hazardous to your social skills in reality. You are less friendly with people around you than you are with people online. As a matter of fact, all social media including Whatsapp takes over your social skills in such a way that you dread the company of your relatives, friends and acquaintances in a gathering you are forced to attend by your parents.

Lesser usage will help you in better socialising. Try it!


Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed


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