Last week when Ankita complimented me that she is amazed to see how much I know about a place even without visiting it I was truly flattered. Over the years I have spent a lot of time on the Internet exploring places, particularly on Youtube,Pinterest and Instagram and now cities like London, Paris and Istanbul almost seem like home to me. Wanderlust and proud! 

Yes, virtually I tour fancy cities everyday but obviously I wish to see how Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower look to the naked eye. I wish to see how mesmerising Opera Garnier is…how lively and colourful Soho and Notting Hill are..how impressive The Blue Mosque is…how dreamy the gondola ride in Venice is…how glorious the Colosseum in Rome is…the chic French Riviera…the romantic Greek islands.. the glistening skyline of NYC and the world famous Great Wall Of China.

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I recommend you learn about a new place, food, art, history or piece of technology everyday to evolve as a person.I have recently started doing it and I love it. There is nothing like learning a new lesson everyday that makes you a wiser being and flaunting your intellect to amaze everyone around.
Honestly I learned more about art and literature after watching Rick Steves’ Europe ( a channel on youtube) than I ever did in school or college. For example, concepts of Art for Arts sake and Realism were easier to comprehend when I saw “David”, a sculpture crafted by the famous Renaissance artist Michelangelo when he and his fellow citizens realised that thanking God by bowing to him in churches is not enough. One must recognise the talent they have been blessed with and use it gratefully for the wellness of society.
Maintaining a wishlist is a constant reminder of what makes you happy and that you must strive to achieve it. As for me, I’ve got a travel, food and shopping wishlist in head that is more like a “plan” but most importantly I wish to be a living embodiment of vitality; a person who inspires, supports, loves, hopes and dreams.
Forever and ever,
Samreen Ahmed

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