Subtle Smokey Eye

Ever since I decided to do my own makeup for the wedding day I have been getting better at my makeup skills. It’s like an art, most beautiful form of art. I love how makeup makes you feel great and boosts your self confidence. If I am ever feeling low I slather on my favourite lipstick and some heavy mascara and I am good to go.

Of late I have been trying different looks on me and by far this is the best one I have created. I call it my Subtle Smokey Eye. This look can be carried at any hour of the day. It looks just as glamorous in the night as it would during day time. For all those who are not into bold makeup, this one’s for you!


Sephora Collection Colorful 5 – Milk to Dark

I am using my Sephora Collection golden Colorful 5 palette for this tutorial. I love the pigmented colours in this palette and how they give a glossy effect to the overall look.


I start by priming my eyes and applying the light golden shade all over my eyelid. Do not worry about the pigment falling on your cheek bones. You can always wipe it with a wet tissue before wearing your foundation. Most of the professionals stick a tape under the eye and let all the pigment fall over it but I like wiping my face after I do my eye makeup so I decided to skip that step.



The next step is to lightly brush black or grey colored eye shadow on the corners. You wouldn’t Β want to make it too dark because we are not going for the classic smokey eye right now. Subtle is beautiful.


At the end just top it up with a thin stroke of eyeliner and lots of mascara to create the much needed drama. Your subtle smokey eye is sure to kill !


This is my favourite look these days. I wear it to almost all my date nights with Zo. The best part of doing a subtle smokey eye is that you get to wear any shade of lipstick you want- bold colours like Red, Maroon, Oxblood, Fuchsia or light ones like Pink, Peach, Nude and so on. You are going to flood your Instagram feed with your celeb like pictures the moment you step away from your dresser.

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Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed


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