Love Ambassador- Harsha Maheshwari

When I started my blog Love Hope Dream, the only purpose of sharing stories with my readers was to inspire them to love, hope and dream so as to live a positive and happy life. Honestly there is no limit to happiness and you must believe that YOU are responsible for your own happiness.

In this series I introduce you all to our Love Ambassador- Harsha Maheshwari. Harsha has always been passionate about dance. She turned her hobby into profession and has been inspiring us to love ever since.

She talks to us about her journey………

1- Tell us a little about yourself

I am Komet. Anything related to dance, music , art or the colour blue gets me super high. Dance instructor at RSUDC (2013-2014), K&D dance labs for conducting dance workshops in the city (2014) , Zumba instructor, TMWOD for NGO’s and orphanages(2014), I own my own Dance Studio – Happy Hours Dance Place. I did my training from Hyderabad and Mumbai.

2- What or who got you started in dancing?

My family. This talent is in our blood. Haha. From small family functions to playing the lead role on a big dance platform, my family has loved me for what I love.  We are always the first ones to start dancing and the last ones to move out of the dance floor. I consider myself extremely lucky to have such a supportive family along with my friends and students who never give up on me.

3-How would you describe your style?

As my name describes , I like to put fire on stage. From Hiphop to Bharatnatyam , every time I dance you can see the real me.

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4-What is your dream dance project?

I’ve been working on growing the dance scene in Hyderabad , especially for girls. My dream project would be to see many more dance enthusiasts taking it up as their profession. I wanna support and inspire them to live their dream.

5- As a dancer what was the best compliment you have received?

It’s tough to choose one because every time any of my teachers gave me a smile and said they liked it , I am flying.  From my school principal asking me ,“ Do you have bones” to my college principal telling me “I am so proud to have you back in college to judge” to my akka ( Bharatanatyam teacher ) asking me to step forward to show a step  to my sir ( Nirmesh ) , watching my videos and giving me the plus points is a huge compliment.

I live each of these moments.

6- Is there something else that you are passionate about?

Anything artistic. I love pens , they help me picture my thoughts.  All my notebooks/tables/walls are full of abstract art. haha.

7-What is the one thing in life you are still learning?

I am a student for life. The day I started teaching at my first workplace my parents told me “No matter what you do in life , never forget your roots. Keep learning from whoever you meet, grasp the positive and constantly work on getting better no matter what you achieve. ” Not only from my teachers, but I learnt a lot from my students and dance friends too.

8-What dancing ambitions have you not yet achieved?

My journey has just started. I want to and have to do so much now. LOADS to achieve.

9-As a dancer where do wish your work takes you in the next 10 years?

I have opened up my own dance practice place called HAPPY HOURS DANCE PLACE. I am looking forward to make this the dance place always available for all dance and fitness lovers.

10- Share with us some of your favourite dancing moments 

Dancing with Koharu Sugawara  who is the world’s best dancer is the most precious dance moment for me.  Performing at Horlicks Wizkids ( an interschool event) as a judge was a different feeling and I was overwhelmed. I had performed there several times with my team from school. Also, dancing in Nasr School and St. Francis College for Women, my alma mater was exciting because everyone out there gave me so much love.  LITERALLY, every time I dance.



Do what you love; Love what you do. Our Love Ambassador Harsha Maheshwari inspires us to follow our passion and make our lives worth living.

Share this post as much as you can to help your friends and family get inspired from Harsha.

Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed


One thought on “Love Ambassador- Harsha Maheshwari

  1. Esha says:

    Such an inspiring article! Love you Samreen, love this post! Thank you for being so thoughtful and inspiring. The dancer- Harsha looks great too!
    I wish I can meet you some day! Will you do a meet up in Bangalore? x Please let us know if you are!


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