Hope Ambassador- Shreyans Dungarwal

“Hope is not a dream but a way to make dreams become a reality”
We have Shreyans Dungarwal, the star photographer from Hyderabad who is our Hope Ambassador in this series to inspire us to hope and believe in ourselves. There is so much to learn from Shreyans. His dedication to his work in the hope to achieve the best out of everything is what hopes and dreams are all about.  Presenting to you – Shreyans Dungarwal

1- Tell us a little about you
I am a Conceptual Photographer. I started photography 6 years back. Initially It was a hobby, which turned into passion now it’s pretty much my profession. I’m more of a conceptualizer & love to take up all sorts of challenging work. To keep my work alive and fresh, I travel as that indeed is a great source of inspiration for my thoughts and the concepts I come up with.
2- What or who got you started in photography?
My uncle got a camera which he never used & I was always very curious to use that camera so I asked my uncle if I could use it he allowed me to do so, I instantly fell in love with the camera & now all i wanted to do was to buy my own camera. I asked my dad if he could buy me one but like they say sometimes you’ve got to earn what you want and only then you realise its worth, that’s exactly what happened,the moment my father said no it inspired me even more which made me all the more desperate to own a DSLR and believe it or not i started permanent tattooing with a hand made machine made some money and got my self a professional machine from it and i made good amount of money to pick up a brand new camera for my self.
3-How would you describe your style?
If there are lights that is my style. I try to keep my photography very conceptual.
4-What is your dream destination assignment?
I would want to shoot soldiers during a war.
5-One way how you market your photography 
To be honest i just upload my pictures on Instagram and Facebook.
I could give you thousand ideas about how to market yourself as a photography but can’t use the same strategies when it comes to marketing my self.
6-If you could be invisible for one day with your camera……….
Go shoots insights of Politics.
7-What is the one thing in life you are still learning?
Still learning to write mails.. Haha.
8-What photographic ambitions have you not yet achieved?
There are a lot of them, it’s pretty hard to pin point one but shooting for playboy would be a dream come true.
9-As a photographer where do wish your work takes you in the next 10 years?
I wish to be travelling around the world by then.
10- Share with us some of your favourite shoots
All my experimental shoots are my favourite & if clients let me do my kind of work that becomes my favourite kind of work.





A big thank you to White House for sponsoring and styling this post.  Shop for Shrey’s looks here.

Picture Credits: Aditya Rajurkar

Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed


2 thoughts on “Hope Ambassador- Shreyans Dungarwal

  1. Harsha Maheshwari says:

    My all time favourite photographer.
    You’re the best !

    Samreeeen. I’m not at all a blog person, you’re getting the change in me. Good luck love :*

    Liked by 1 person

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