Dubai Diary Day 2

After a tiring Day1 we planned a day out at the Palm Jumeirah for a more relaxed experience.

We visited the iconic Atlantis Hotel and had breakfast there before it was time for my Dolphin Encounter. The Dolphin Bay at Atlantis offers you 30 minute interaction with baby dolphins. One dolphin is assigned to a group of 10 and everyone gets a chance to play, kiss and dance with her. It is definitely a memorable experience for those who opt for it (I’d suggest one of the must things to do in Dubai).
A complimentary access to the Aquaventure Waterpark is also given with the Dolphin Bay ticket. The Tower of Neptune and  Leap Of Faith are the most popular water slides here. Leap of Faith is a 9 story tall mega-slide that will hurtle you down its near-vertical drop in a mere second, only to find yourself speeding through a clear acrylic tube surrounded by numerous sharks and cownose rays. The Lost Chambers is another very interesting activity at The Atlantis. Here you get to dive with the Sharks and swim across the life size aquarium. I didn’t get to try this but I am hoping to go for it on my next trip.
For lunch we had a spicy Chicken Shawarma from Shawafel. Arabian cuisine in Dubai is very different in taste when compared to what we get in Jeddah. It is so much better and tasteful.
After lunch we decided to head over to the Nasimi beach with the beautiful Atlantis in the backdrop. Zo and I had refreshing cucumber mocktails to beat the heat. Nasimi Beach is one of the cleanest and fancy beaches I have seen particulary because I have a thing for white sandy beaches with clear blue water and Nasimi is just perfect.
In the evening we decided to have a walk around the Dubai Marina. This place left me awestruck for quite a long time. The view of the skyline from the Dubai Marina is mind blowing. We couldn’t stop clicking pictures. I was basically clicking pictures every 10 steps like a typical tourist. We had a lovely Asian dinner by the Dubai Marina and returned to our hotel to prepare for Day 3.

Dubai Do’s
●  Book your tickets to the Dolphin Bay and Lost Chambers well in advance from their official website. They give you a great discount
●  If you are planning to check out the interiors of Atlantis you must book a room or a table at one of their restaurants in the main hotel. The hotel is not open for public. The theme park is in a seperate quarter.
●  Carry comfortable flip flops for the theme park and beach because there is alot of walking to do and honestly no one is going to mind seeing you wearing not- so fashionable footwear.

Dubai Dont’s

  • Don’t miss out on any activity at the theme park in Atlantis. Make the most of it!!

Forever and ever,
Samreen Ahmed









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