Dubai Diary Day 3

By Day 3 Zo and I were completely exhausted with all the walking we did since the time we landed in Dubai.

Honestly, the amount of walking one has to do in this city is unimaginable. Nevertheless, the tourist spirit got us back on our feet again. On Day 3 we planned to visit the Mall of Emirates followed by Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi.
Mall Of Emirates is equally beautiful as the Dubai Mall. Infact, the architecture here is more captivating. It reminds you of a historical European musuem. To prep ourselves for another tiring day we headed to Angelina to fuel ourselves up. I selected to have the Parisian Breakfast with the signature Hot Chocolate. It is to die for!
We strolled around the mall for a couple of hours and left for Abu Dhabi in the evening.
We covered the distance from Dubai to Abu Dhabi under two hours and finally reached the marvelous Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The serenity and calmness of the place will leave you mesmerised. We reached the place around 4-30 pm which according to the locals is the perfect time to click pictures. Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a beautiful piece of art and architecture and I am so glad I did not skip seeing it.

Dubai Do’s

  • If you are a snow person then do visit Ski Dubai at Mall of Emirates. Here you can snow board, play with snow and have an encounter with penguins.
  • Carry a head scarf and wear decent clothes when you are visiting Sheikh Zayed Mosque. They also provide abayas at the mosque for which you will have to deposit your ID card and collect it when you return the abaya.

Dubai Dont’s

  • Do not dare to miss out on the signature Hot Chocolate at Angelina!!
  • Avoid making a trip to the mosque during Friday prayers.

Forever and ever,
Samreen Ahmed










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