Red Carpet Ready


Christian Louboutin lipstick

I have always been a fan of the Red Carpet look. The red pout will always remain a favourite because one can never go wrong with this classic look.

On a recent trip to Dubai I found the most perfect shade of rouge in the house of Christian Louboutin. I instantly fell in love with every detail of the lipstick and its royally crafted case. I must say the lipstick is designed to make the woman wearing it feel like a Queen in every way.

The Look:

My red carpet inspired look for you is very simple.

Step 1Β I started with my base makeup that is a layer of foundation and compact powder.

Step 2Β For my eyes I used a single shade pigmented eye shadow and topped it up with a winged eye and lots of mascara. I don’t want my eyes to be more prominent than the lips so I am wearing kajal only on the sides.

I naturally have dark brows so I don’t need extra efforts there *touchwood*. You can go ahead with sculpting your brows if you generally do it.

Step 3Β I highlighted my cheekbones with a highlighter.

Step 4Β To complete the whole look I finally slathered on the rich and lustrous Louboutin lipstick in red.



Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed


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