Bobbi Brown Haul

Having your makeup on fleek in summers is the most challenging task for every woman. This time I wanted to go for products that are globally known for their resistance so Bobbi Brown was an obvious choice. I bought the following things and decided to share my review with you all:

2016-06-09 14.10.18

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick  – Pink Quartz

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz contains a Copper highlighter, a soft bronze and three other shades on the copper-bronze level. It can be used both as a highlighter or eyeshadow. The powder is extremely finely-milled and smooth. Pigmentation is sheer and soft – just right for being a highlighter/blush. I mean, I wouldn’t want intense opaque pigmentation from this that would highlight pores on my skin. The shimmer content is just about right and does not make you look shiny as a gift wrapper. Since most of us get a tan during summer, the Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick only makes the horrible tan look much better.
I usually wear my blush first and swap a little bit of this product on my cheek bones to finish the whole look. It looks absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for prom nights, weddings and all those exciting days when you want to look your glam best.

2016-06-09 14.07.23

Bobbi Brown Ink Liner – Blackest Black

Bobbi Brown Ink Liner in Blackest Black is highly pigmented to give you the dark cat eye you have always desired. The pen nib allows precision for even those who are eyeliner novices. Another highlight of this product is that it is long wearing, close to water proof. The lasting power as I said is amazing. If used with any eye primer you are guaranteed 8+ hours of this liner. If you are looking for an eyeliner that withstands your sweaty face in summer then you know what to buy!

2016-06-09 14.04.30

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color – Valencia Orange

This is my first Bobbi Brown Lipstick and I can’t describe you how much I love it.
Its creamy matte finish and a warm orange tone that lasts for a long long time makes it one of the best lipsticks I have used so far. A perfect shade for summer and spring, Bobbi Brown Valencia Orange is a must buy if you are looking for an opaque lipstick.
It goes best with light eye makeup and orange coral blushes. It does not cake up or settle in fine lines. Sometimes because of the matte texture it may feel a bit drying on lips but it’s not bothersome at all. A bit of lip balm underneath can do the trick.

2016-06-09 14.06.34

Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish Mask

Bobbi Brown launched 3 face masks in January 2016 and I was so excited to get one for my summer beauty routine.
The Skin Nourish Mask that I bought for myself is all about intense moisturisation for smoother, plumper skin . It has a lightweight texture with a rich moisturising feel
Coral Grass Salicornia,Tehalose Chlorella Extract and other herbs increase natural collagen production making the skin look fresher, more luminous and revitalised.
Muru Muru Butter repairs natural moisture barrier so this one really helped me since I have a very dry skin.

At the end of the day I am a happy customer and I hope you benefit from this post. Do share this post if you are a good soul and want to help your friends and family with makeup decisions.

Forever and ever,
Samreen Ahmed


8 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Haul

  1. Rebaica says:

    Love how you’ve given a detailed description of everything. I’ve been looking for an orangey-peach lip shade for longer than I can remember now. Thanks x


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