My Makeup Brush Set Review

A month ago My Makeup Brush Set approached me to inform that they are sending me a set of 10 oval makeup brushes to review on my blog. It was kind of exciting to receive free goodies from a makeup brand. When these brushes arrived the first thing I checked was their smoothness because I didn’t want them to be rough on my skin. To my surprise they turned out to be as soft as feather. I instantly fell in love with them.

They are definitely a dupe of the Artis but this is a better deal if you are not interested in spending nearly $400 for a mere set of makeup brushes.

The big brush is perfect for the base as maximum coverage is guaranteed. The rest of the big brushes are for blush, concealer,contouring and highlighting purposes. I tried doing my eye makeup using the cylinderical brushes but I think I need to practice more to get a hang of it. The slim brushes are not very useful but can help in areas that need extra precision.

A few bloggers complain about the roughness (after using and comparing it with the Artis) but I am guessing I was lucky enough to receive the soft batch.

Oval Brushes are definitely changing our makeup game and if you are not ready to go for the Artis then My Makeup Brush Set can be a reasonable investment.

Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed


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