Stress Fix

The second name for adulthood is Stress. Everybody goes through a stressful phase for most of the times in their life but very few have the ability to cope with it. Last week I was watching a video on Mimi Ikonn’s Youtube channel where she was talking about how her perfect life was not so perfect after all.

It is true that people who seem to have a perfect life only know what they are going through while we tend to see only the outer aspect of it. I would be lying if I’d say that I am living a stress free life. However, I don’t let my thoughts consume me because at the end of the day I want to to go to bed at peace so I try and let go. Obviously, sometimes it doesn’t work so I resort to my own techniques of stress management and I am sharing them with you for you to try them out when you are fighting battles against stress.

  • Bubble Bath/ Cold Showers

A long bubble bath with a beautiful setup of aromatic candles and soft instrumental music is personally my favourite stress buster. It relaxes you and soothes your mind to an amazing degree. Try to always have a lavender scented bubble bath gel or bath bombs in your home. You never know when you might need it. Although I’d suggest you not to over do it because you don’t wanna be bored of it.

If you don’t have an access to a bath tub then make cold showers your best friend. They have been proven to improve emotional resilience and reduce stress by relaxing the nervous system.


  • Treat Yourself

I have always told you that Good Food Is Good Mood. Binge eating when you are feeling distressed or anxious can help you feel better to a large extent. Eat all those things that satisfy your cravings. There is no way a nice big slice of chocolate cake or strawberry cheesecake can’t help.


  • Go Bananas

Studies have shown that eating a banana reduces stress and depression and makes you feel happier. It the most powerful food to eat during times of distress but I know alot of people who are not really fond of bananas so what they can do is that they can add other fruits such as strawberries, peaches and mangoes to a smoothie and blend it well. Trick yourself into consuming one banana.

  • Meditate/ Exercise

This is probably the best way to relax because it lets you focus on your body rather than the evil thoughts that are killing you. Take charge of yourself and start working out in whatever way you can. I do Zumba because it so much fun and I feel alot better after every session. If you are meditating then don’t forget to concentrate on the tip of your nose while you are breathing in and out.

I know for a fact that stress is inevitable but there are definitely alot of ways out there to deal with it and you must practice hard to adopt these methods before you finally master the art of stress management. The most powerful way to avoid stress is to Be Positive and Let GoΒ but not everybody is strong enough to do it but you can definitely cut out on the issue by relaxing yourself.



Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed



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