If I had to start my blogpost with only word word describing the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, it would be – PIGMENTED.

Yes, the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (SMLC) is the most pigmented lip product you will find in the market. It stays all day long no matter how much you eat or drink. It is the go-to product that every female being on earth must own. The colors are great, highly pigmented, long lasting and much affordable.

It glides on smoothly and smells like cake goodness. It has a mousse like texture but dries in a minute giving you a matte look that you are looking for.

Currently I am using the following shades because I am mostly into pinks.

MILAN is more like a rose pink shade that goes well with almost all outfits, preferably used in day time.

PRAGUE is a deep fuchsia shade that can also look a little purplish if you wear two or more coats. It looks great with smokey eyes.

IBIZA is another lovely pink shade that can be used for day makeup, although there are no hard and fast rules.

BUDAPEST is a rich deep brown shade that I use for evenings. It looks stunning.



Budapest, Ibiza, Prague and Milan


Day light image of the NYX SMLC shades

If you are a NYX lover then comment below the shades you love. Share this post if you think your friends will love to read it.

Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed


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