Bare It With Baré

For a while now I have been only trying simple home remedies for my oily skin but nothing has really worked on me so I decided to go for something natural and botanical. 
Enter Baré Alchemy Ambrosio Cleanse.

Apart from the fact that it comes in a beautiful glass bottle that looks the prettiest on your dresser, it works like magic making your skin less oilier and smoother in just two weeks. However, if your skin is too acne prone then you might need extra help.


I use the wand from the bottle to apply the serum on my cleansed face and neck and I slowly massage it into my skin before bedtime (although you can use it anytime of the day but I let it rest on my face and work overnight).

As simple as that!


The serum contains extracts from precious botanical oils and fruits, Kakadu Plum which is rich in Vitamin C, Argan Oil and Oat Bran Kernel Flour that together reduce acne, black heads, tighten pores and reduce visible aging making skin look more radiant and smoother than before.

This particular serum works best for oily skin but Baré has something for every skin type. So if you have Normal ,Dry or Sensitive you can check out the other products on their website.


It will cost you $90 for a 45 ml bottle but it will easily last you for a couple of months. You can order it online. They pack it really well for you so you don’t have to live in fear until the bottle arrives because practically there is no chance of receiving a broken bottle at all.

Thank you Baré for helping me bare my skin confidently. 😊 

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Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed


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