BEAUTY FIND: Colour Pop Liquid Lipsticks


When ColourPop flashed the most exciting news on their Instagram that they are offering free international shipping for a day (which meant you only had to pay for your shopping total)I got super excited and gazed at every single shade of lipsticks and eye shadows on their website because I simply couldn’t decide what to add in my cart. ColourPop sure has got a variety of shades but I decided to go for Calypso which is a nude shade and More Better which is maroon. Call it the gut feeling or what but I didn’t want to go crazy with the shopping and I am so happy I stuck to my decision.

When I tried these lipsticks I wasn’t completely satisfied with the formula. It tends to dry on your lips. The colour stays for a while but it turns flaky. The formula is watery and sometimes it bleeds from the lower lips. It costed me only $6 each but the packaging seems high end. There is no doubt that they are absolutely weightless but lots of lip prep is a must before application. I mostly use the Nuxe Dry Oil or any lip balm 5 minutes before application.

The wear time is amazing but does not look attractive at all because the formula is so dry.

Finally at the end of the day when it is time to remove your makeup, Colour Pop lipstick sitting on your lips will make you realise that it was your biggest mistake ever to buy it because it takes intense rubbing to remove it and you wouldn’t wanna spend so much time cleaning your makeup when you are tired.

Rating: 4/10


Colour Pop Ultra Satin Lipstick- Calypso


Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lipstick- More Better


Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed


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