BEAUTY FIND: Soap and Glory 3in1 Body Wash

I am sure you must be wondering what a 3 in 1 body wash is. What could it possibly be? Well, the creative folks at Soap&Glory came up with this amazing product which acts a body wash, shaving cream and leaves your skin moisturised. It is called The Righteous Butter 3 in 1 Body Wash.

It is ideal for dry skin and is a great product for women who like to multi task. Soap&Glory are champions in Bath and Body. Their body scrubs and lotions are to die for. Β The 3in1 Body Wash is another great discovery. It contains shea butter,cocoa, sweet almond and macadamia nut oils. That is super hydrating, right? It comes in a 250 ml tube and can be easily found at any Boots store in the Middle East.

How to use:

1- It can be generally used as a body wash when you are taking a shower.

2- When you are shaving , Work up a creamy lather between your palms, then massage onto damp skin.This product allows your razor to effortlessly leave your legs fuzz free. Wash off any residue and admire your silky skin. Be-you-tiful!!!

Forever and ever,
Samreen Ahmed


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