I have always preferred matte lipsticks but recently I have been obsessing over lip glosses after realising how gorgeous they look on Blair Waldorf, so I got myself Anastasia Beverly Hills lipgloss in Metallic Rose and consider it my best decision so far. It is a beautiful shimmery peachy- pink shade that is perfect for both day time and evening. This lip gloss is perfect if you’re looking for a full-coverage gloss that wears like a lipstick (ofcourse there are nore shades available).

 Every rave you can find about these glosses is legit. They. Are. Gorgeous. And everything I want a lip gloss to be. It is super comfortable – the formula is smooth and long wearing. The the scent is subtle and amazing, like vanilla frosting, but only lasts for a minute or two. It is easy to apply as the wand is well-shaped and the formula is a perfect spreading consistency. All in all, I think ABH has covered every base you could possible cover for a lip gloss.
Love it to bits! 

Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed


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