BEAUTY FIND: Mancera Intensitive Aoud Perfume

Recently Zo and I discovered this amazing unisex Oud fragrance from Mancera Parfums . It is called Gold Intensitive Oud and it belongs to the Voyage en Arabie collection. The top notes include Lemon and Rose and the middle and base notes include Oud,amber,musk and other precious woods. It smells heavenly and is quite long lasting. The golden packaging gives it a luxurious feel and that’s what I love about it the most.


Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed



I have always preferred matte lipsticks but recently I have been obsessing over lip glosses after realising how gorgeous they look on Blair Waldorf, so I got myself Anastasia Beverly Hills lipgloss in Metallic Rose and consider it my best decision so far. It is a beautiful shimmery peachy- pink shade that is perfect for both day time and evening. This lip gloss is perfect if you’re looking for a full-coverage gloss that wears like a lipstick (ofcourse there are nore shades available).

 Every rave you can find about these glosses is legit. They. Are. Gorgeous. And everything I want a lip gloss to be. It is super comfortable – the formula is smooth and long wearing. The the scent is subtle and amazing, like vanilla frosting, but only lasts for a minute or two. It is easy to apply as the wand is well-shaped and the formula is a perfect spreading consistency. All in all, I think ABH has covered every base you could possible cover for a lip gloss.
Love it to bits! 

Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed

BEAUTY FIND: Dior Pump n Volume Mascara

DiorShow Pump N Volume mascara is the latest launch from the maison of Dior and is already creating waves in the beauty industry because of its exceptional results. It gives a very prominent false lash effect and makes you look like a beauty model. The wand and tube of the Diorshow Pump N Volume mascara are its USP. The mascara has a flexible pump tube that when squeezed loads the wand with more product, intensifying the volume effect. Never clumpy, the formula remains intact down to the last drop, allowing you to build-up volume to your heart’s content. The formula is rich and creamy that gives your lashes all the drama it needs.

The brush doesn’t disappoint either. With flexible spikes and a rigid, stable wand, applying the mascara is both gentle and effective. Designed to give a bounce effect, the bristles are the ideal shape to reach every last lash, while its rubber material are perfect for zig-zagging a boost at the lash-line.

For someone who hates wearing falsies , this is your go- to product. A must have!


Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed


BEAUTY FIND: Jo Malone Hair Mist

Perfume for hair! What an innovation I must say. I was super excited when I found the limited edition of Jo Malone Star Magnolia Hair Mist which is a dream come true for people obsessed with beautiful smelling hair. What makes it special is the fresh floral scent with notes of Magnolia, orange blossom, ginger,lemon and shiso( an aromatic asian herb) that leave your hair smelling like Spring. The packaging as you can see is really pretty and dainty and the whole experience is refreshing.

It is definitely expensive but once in a while I like indulging in some luxury. I love spraying it on my hair after I blow dry them. My hair smell heavenly ❤️

Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed

BEAUTY FIND: No7 Lash Impact Range

A full lash fan is the biggest fantasy of every girl on this planet. Not everyone is blessed with natural thick lashes so we all opt for falsies. I am no different. I have tried every mascara in the market that promises a dramatic look but I have always wished I never had to make those extra efforts. Thankfully, No7 came out with this amazing serum in their new Lash Impact series. It is called Lash Serum and it promises a fuller lash fan in 8 weeks.

The Lash Impact Lash Serum has replaced the original No7 best selling product Fanomenal Lash Serum. The packaging is pretty decent and the wand is easy to use. Just apply a coat of serum on your lash line before bed time and wait for the results.

The Lash Impact Intense Volume Control mascara is a winner all the way. Ladies, take a moment to appreciate its stunning packaging. I have been using it for my daily looks and I love it. The only con is that it is not waterproof. 

For an intense dramatic look I apply 2-3 coats but if I am using it for a day time look I generally finish with one coat.

You can find the Lash Impact range at any Boots store across the Middle East. 


Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed

BEAUTY FIND: Soap and Glory 3in1 Body Wash

I am sure you must be wondering what a 3 in 1 body wash is. What could it possibly be? Well, the creative folks at Soap&Glory came up with this amazing product which acts a body wash, shaving cream and leaves your skin moisturised. It is called The Righteous Butter 3 in 1 Body Wash.

It is ideal for dry skin and is a great product for women who like to multi task. Soap&Glory are champions in Bath and Body. Their body scrubs and lotions are to die for.  The 3in1 Body Wash is another great discovery. It contains shea butter,cocoa, sweet almond and macadamia nut oils. That is super hydrating, right? It comes in a 250 ml tube and can be easily found at any Boots store in the Middle East.

How to use:

1- It can be generally used as a body wash when you are taking a shower.

2- When you are shaving , Work up a creamy lather between your palms, then massage onto damp skin.This product allows your razor to effortlessly leave your legs fuzz free. Wash off any residue and admire your silky skin. Be-you-tiful!!!

Forever and ever,
Samreen Ahmed

BEAUTY FIND: Sephora Nail Colour

On a casual visit to Sephora I found this bright red nailpolish that I instantly fell in love with. I have been addicted to it ever since. The formula is amazing and it does not chip off very easily which according to me is one of the biggest USPs of this nail polish. A wide range of beautiful colours are available .This is in the shade ” My Superhero”…the kind of red every woman must own.
I have a thing for bright colours that are noticeable from a distance too and the nail colours from Sephora are exactly what I was looking for. The bottle is not too big and the application tip is just about okay. Nothing too great…but the pigmentation and the formula are driving me craazyy. I got it for 26 SAR which is a pretty decent price for the size of the bottle and I am definitely going for it again after I finish this.

Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed

BEAUTY FIND: Syoss Heat Protect Styling Spray

Hair Dryers and straightners are my best friends. I can’t do a day without styling my hair because straight hair is something I wish I had and in the pursuit of a sleek look everyday I have been torturing my hair for the past 10 years. Although now I can feel less guilty about it all thanks to Syoss Heat Protectant Spray. 

Yeah it’s as simple as ABC. I just have to spray it on my hair before styling and it helps protect my hair from the excessive heat from dryers and straightners. It provides protection upto 220 degrees celcius by coating your hair with a heat isolation mist apparently and ensures ultimate flat control by smoothening the hair for a minimum of 20 hours. It can also be used as a Styling spray as it provides extreme hold for salon styled like hair. I absolutely love it. 

Whenever I find a new product for hair at the department store I am the first one to pick it up and try it out. I am obsessed with beautiful hair and I leave no stone unturned to make sure I put in all the efforts that are needed. I have recently started using it and I am kind of satisfied with this product. It is probably not the Best heat protectant in the market but it is okay for its price.

Also, it smells beauuutiful. You can use it on both dry as well as damp hair. The results are going to be equally good. The packaging is also user friendly and does not require regular cleaning as the nozzle will never clog. 

Hello beautiful hair!

Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed.


MAC launched its most beautiful collaboration ever with Mariah Carey in December 2016. I was eagerly waiting for the collection launch in Saudi Arabia and I finally got my hands on the lipstick that looks no less than a dream. It is FIT for a princess. Here’s how it looks…

Yes. Take a moment. You will need it.

The glitter packaging is royal. The beautiful embossed butterfly is the USP of this lipstick. I don’t ever wanna use this lipstick and ruin it.

Coming to the formula of the lipstick, it is Creme Sheen. It is semi opaque so you need to wear multiple layers to achieve a peachy tint to your lips. This particular shade is called Mcizzle and there are a few more shades available. I was looking for a nude shade so I got this one. If you are wearing multiple layers then it is sure to last for a long time but not as long lasting as an Anastasia or Huda Beauty. 

There are other products in the Mariah Carey collection available but I wasn’t quite very impressed with them. This lipstick was ALLLLL I wanted. I got it and I don’t regret buying it.

Isn’t it GORGEOUS?


Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed

BEAUTY FIND: Garnier BB Cream 

BB cream is nothing but an all in one product that acts as a serum, moisturiser, foundation and sunblock. It is definitely a better option than foundation but it does not guarantee high coverage. For daily use BB creams are the best. Wearing foundation everyday can kill your skin.

So how do you know which one is best suited for your skin?

The Garnier BB cream range comes in Oil Free, Classic and Eye Contour. I was excited to try these products that Garnier sent me and share my review with you. 

Garnier BB cream- Classic

The Garnier BB cream in Classic is for all skin types. It evens your tone, moisturises your skin and hides all imperfections. It contains SPF 15 also. 

It’s application is really simple. After you clean your face just apply the BB cream the same way you wear foundation. If you want more coverage then you can wear one more coat

Garnier BB cream- Oil Free

The Garnier BB cream in Oil Free is specially designed for oily skin. It works exactly like any other BB cream but with the advantage of mattifying skin because of its ultra absorbing pigments. I have an extremely oily skin and this one works well for me. Who wouldn’t love matte skin?

Garnier BB cream- Eye Contour

This is my favourite creation from the BB cream range. The Eye Contour which is nothing but a concealer comes in a roll on form that is extremely easy to apply. Although it does not completely hide the dark circles but for daily use it a better option. Sometimes I wear it alone. Sometimes I wear it over my BB Cream – Oil Free. It is a life saviour. Hail Garnier BB cream!

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Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed