DIY Tassel Jeans

Tassels and Pom Poms are my most favourite trends these days and I was wondering where all I can incorporate these little cute pieces of fashion apart from tops and bags when I stumbled upon these pictures on Pinterest and immediately saved them for future references 😛. I loved the idea of Tassels /Pom Poms on my jeans and I am already in process of finding the perfect ones for my jeans makeover. This is such an easy task. Just buy a pack of tassels from the market, give them to your mum or tailor and get them stitched on your jeans for the most gorgeous Jeans makeover ever. 

I am definitely going for this. What about you?

Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed


Wanna Look Like A Victoria’s Secret Angel?

One of my really close friends Khansa recently shared her Pilates routine on Snapchat and that made me a little curious to find out more about this interesting workout concept. On reading up I discovered some really amazing benefits of Pilates and wanted a Pilates Pro to speak to you all about it. Khansa like always, has been really sweet to me and agreed to be my guest blogger and share her tips with you.

Khansa has been a Pilates Girl at The Designed Body- Plano, Texas for almost 6 months now. She has been trained by the talented Nimisha Calien Kalyan and has been doing Stott Pilates regularly. She also attended Pilates classes in NYC at the New York Pilates and plans to continue doing it because her aim is not to lose weight but to maintain a healthy body and that is exactly what Pilates does.

Khansa says, ” I absolutely love Pilates! It’s my happy hour.”

Enter Khansa.


A Brief Introduction To Pilates

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference, and in 30 you’ll have a new body” – Joseph Pilates

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Bag Makeover




Gorgeous, chunky and bold inter-changeable bag straps are taking the fashion world by storm. Designers are doing a great job with the unique eye catching designs that can give a new life to any old bag.

That is a wonderful idea, absolutely! When you invest in a designer luxe bag and get over it after a few months you really do feel bad to ignore it after the hefty amount you’ve paid to own it. These inter changeable bag straps will change the whole look of your bag and make it seem like you have just returned from Saks with a new Fendi baby. How awesome is that?

You should be able to find them in any ladies fashion brand outlet at a mall or has a huge variety of stylish bag straps.

If your over used handbag is lying in some odd corner then you know what to do-

It’s Makeover Time!



Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed

Rings And Things


Anyone who knows me pretty well is definitely aware of my love for rings. These little tiny beautiful pieces can make any dull outfit look good. I think I am never going to get over collecting rings. I found these at Splash here in Jeddah and instantly fell in love with them. If I am wearing midi rings I don’t usually go for any other accessories on my hand because I let them do all the talking. A good glossy coat of nailpolish is a must though.


Chunky/ Statement rings are another favourite of mine. Here I have teamed it up with a watch and a simple bracelet because I didn’t want my hand to look overcrowded and this is how I usually do it. Keep it classy!


Forever and ever,

Samreen Ahmed

Stress Fix

The second name for adulthood is Stress. Everybody goes through a stressful phase for most of the times in their life but very few have the ability to cope with it. Last week I was watching a video on Mimi Ikonn’s Youtube channel where she was talking about how her perfect life was not so perfect after all.

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Dubai Diary Day 1

For our first anniversary celebrations we were looking for a nice place to unwind and relax and eventually we zero-ed upon Dubai. As soon as we reached Dubai and were on our way to the hotel I could feel the positive vibes flowing in. The city is beautiful and the mighty Burj Khalifa stands tall to extend you a warm welcome to Dubai.

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Dream Ambassador- Alice Rosario

Alice Rosario is a common name at Lakme India Fashion Week. This young, confident and ambitious girl who also happens to be a really dear friend of mine redefines DREAMS. I have seen her journey from a college event winner to walking for the biggest Indian designer labels. Alice used to be the Ms. Sunshine of college. She would be the only one smiling and hugging people on Monday mornings and has not changed a bit.  Alice has turned her dreams into reality and if there is one thing that has helped her achieve so much it is her dedication. 

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Hope Ambassador- Shreyans Dungarwal

“Hope is not a dream but a way to make dreams become a reality”
We have Shreyans Dungarwal, the star photographer from Hyderabad who is our Hope Ambassador in this series to inspire us to hope and believe in ourselves. There is so much to learn from Shreyans. His dedication to his work in the hope to achieve the best out of everything is what hopes and dreams are all about.  Presenting to you – Shreyans Dungarwal

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